Monday, March 7, 2011

Freedom or Bondage YOU DECIDE!

As I spend time in living rooms, around kitchen tables, in coffee shops and conference rooms speaking with men and women about improvement through personal leadership development I'm often reminded of a parable. It illustrates a monkey desperately attempting to retrieve what it desires most at that moment! In this example what the monkey desires most is a banana. The parable paints the picture of how the monkey refuses to release the object of its desire even though a hunter approaches to enslave him.   It should be noted however experience has shown him to sometimes be a her...*smile!

At anytime the monkey could have release the banana to have that which is far more important, ITS FREEDOM! We should be far more intelligent than monkeys but yet everyday men and women alike make choices that put and keep them in bondage, choices which teach our children that bondage is normal and okay. The greatest investment one can make is the real estate between ones own ears. Benjamin Franklin once said "a man that emptys his purse into his brain can never have it taken from him".  The books we read and reread, the audio materials we listen to and re listen to and the people we surround ourselves with will gain one tremendous advantage when successfully applying the information from those who have fruit on the tree, however good information is not usually free! There will most always be a price to pay! Determine that price and PAY IT!

If you were encouraged to invest a few hundred dollars every month on or in a personal development program which provided life changing information from men and women with desired results what would you say?  More importantly what would you do?   DESIRED RESULTS from those providing life changing information is important of course because it confirms the accuracy of the information.  Without a track record there is no way to be certain that information being provided is accurate.  You may get results you regret.  Its been proven over and over that a man or women with experience will never be at the mercy of one with theory but lets not get too far away from the question, what would you do?  Would you on faith follow men and women with Desired Results or would you be like the monkey and desperately attempt to hold on to that which some believed impossible to go without, such as cable television, eating out 3,4,5 times a week or that 5.00 coffee at your favorite coffee shop?

Would you be willing to give up your nice automobile and its expensive monthly payment and purchase a preowned rust bucket to free up the few hundred dollars recommended? How about that bowling, softball, basketball, and racquetball league you belong to, would you be willing to sacrifice a few seasons to dramatically change your life? TO BE FREE!!!

Would you be willing to sell your home and move into something a bit more modest for a season of your life to gain that which is far more valuable and precious? I know many say I already live so very modestly! This is laughable when compared to so many others around the globe.

Let go of those things that prevent or slow your progress!  Rather you believe it or not the hunter is coming to enslave you for his/her personal benefit.  How you think is key! Avail yourself to information from those with fruit on the tree and LIVE THE LIFE YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE!!!

Books, audio materials, seminars, great coaches and great mentors will be invaluable!!!

Bye for now

Larry Cheatham